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Artist Profile

Kat Wilson-Smith is a Perth-based Installation, Performance and Conscious Artist/Creator. Their current practice questions the journey of the soul in the process of Initiation and Activation. Their recent work ‘Relics’ acts as a transformative collection of works. When all the pieces of the work are installed together they form a bigger picture of the artist`s current exploration. When the works passes onto their new homes they become renewed with a greater intention. The artist hopes that in the future all the works will be reunited to form a greater work with not only its original meaning restored but also amplified. 

Kat has studied both classical and contemporary forms of movement giving them a greater breadth of gesture. As they considers the accessibility of their work in conjunction with its materiality, gesture can be decoded consciously or subconsciously by the audience. Audience participation and perception is a crucial component in their work, without the audience there is no work.

The artist has undergone their own journey of understanding ancient art forms, symbology and energy modalities. Areas of exploration include Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Medieval Mythology and Catholicism. Wilson-Smith harnesses the knowledge, wisdom and symbology of the past in a contemporary context to guide audiences toward their souls alignment and activation.


The artist is influenced by contemporary masters such as Marina Ambramovic and Bill Viola in their navigation of the souls journey in works such as the Current, 2017 and Martyrs, 2014. Wilson-Smith considers the materiality of their work in the space while also the existence of their own physical vessel in space.


2021 Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, Major Visual Arts, Edith Cowan University

2022-2023 5D Empire (Modality Origin Activation) with Eesha Patel 

2023, Diploma of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

2023-current, Diploma of Astrology 

2023-current, Currently studying Priestess Path of Sisterhood of Sacred Sound with Elsa Field


Achievements and Awards:


2020, Mentee-ship with Sculptures by the Sea, Olga Cironis  

2020, Winner of ArtSource Industry Award, ArtsHum Graduate Show

2020, Nomination for the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts Graduate Show, Hatched 

2020, Winner of Chinoiserie Fine Art Print Award

Group Exhibitions:


2020, ArtsHum Graduate Show, Edith Cowan University

2021, Goolugatup Invitational for Graduate Artists

2021, Art Gala presented by Crystal & Stone

2022, Pride Edit Exhibition, Art Space Collective

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