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Works in Progress:


Baptism: the activation of the soul

Through-out our lives we negotiate with the energy and matter around us. Sometimes this matter manifests as a person or an object or a place we happen to find ourselves in. The artists believes in the souls choice to incarnate in each and every lifetime. We choose to undergo certain occurrences in order for us to encounter aspects of the human experience. Some of us choose to stay in a state of sameness, consistency and familiarity. The universe intervenes and initiates us onto a new path. A path that is ever changing, that sets our soul on fire. Usually these initiations occur as big life changing events that pivot our whole way of being. They don’t have to, but more often than not, we need a great nudge from the universe to show us where we are meant to be going. As mentioned these initiations can be challenging and cause us to spiral inward. Like the the tower crumbling around us, forcing us to start a new. Perhaps you may even refer to this as an Activation. The moment shadow is cast onto us forcing us to gaze into the mirror and really take ourselves in fully. Perhaps this moment feels like the sting of a bee grounding us into our body as the venom runs through your veins. A Baptism of fire turning all to ash. Will you rise or fall after the Baptism?


Rise: Ascension to DIVINITY

Rise is the embodiment of becoming the most authentic and heart centred version of yourself. We all go through the processes of life that shape us into who we are meant to become. Using the element of air, this work is about finding perspective and clarity when occurrences around us become overwhelming. Air helps guides us and clear our path so we can see what obstacles lie in front of us. 

As an installation artist, my challenge to overcome in the creation of this work is how can I use the element of air in a gallery space? How can I use other materials to simulate and evoke the sensibilities of weightlessness and authenticity? 


Release: let go and thus transform

Release is the embodiment of letting go of the past. Influenced by Pre-Raphalite paintings, I worked with the element of water to create a cathartic work that not only invites the artist but also the audience, to let go of past traumas and transform. This work focuses on theories of how the body and objects can hold energy, whether positive or negative. These stored energies don`t always serve us and need to be cleared. Water is a transformative element and is often used to cleanse. 

How can I create a space that not only exists as a cathartic moment for myself but also can allow others to release?


Embody: the heart of the soul

The element of inspiration for this work is earth. This element is often seen as grounding and nurturing. As the fourth work this artists upcoming solo exhibition, this work focuses on embodying the lessons learnt through Baptism, Rise and Release. Embody will serve as an invitation to break free from cycles of limiting beliefs and to return to your own wholeness.


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