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The Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian symbol of creation, a key of life. The rounded top of the Ankh is said to symbolise the womb of life. The left arm of the ankh represents the sunset and the right the sunrise. The ancient Egyptians believed that every night the Great Sun God Ra would die thus the sun set with him. He had to travel through the perils of the underworld and if successful the sun would rise again in the morning. The tail part of the ankh symbolises the birth canal, the passage of creation. This symbol is not just about creation of human life but also a symbol for divine creation, inspiration and manifestation.

Dragonflies are a symbol of transformation. They start their lives in water similar to our own young in their mothers wombs. The dragonflies then grown and evolve, breaking the surface of the water becoming creatures of air and spirit. These divine creatures anatomy is similar to the symbol of the Ankh with their wing span and long tail.


These one of a kind handmade ankhs immortalise the transformative energy of dragonflies who remind us of the many transitions in life. Created as a tool for worship and devotion, these Ankhs are infused with the energy and vibration of Goddesses and Gods. Each Ankh is intuitively created with various crystal and plant combinations, including ethically sourced preserved dragonfly, copper coil and alcohol ink.


Please note: Ankhs are made to order and may take 1-2 weeks to create. All Ankhs are intuitively created and cannot be returned.

For international orders, import and dutie fees may apply.


For more details and questions please email

Dragonfly Ankh

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