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You are invited to step into this Sacred Temple working with the elements of Fire, Air and Water in this three part self guided series.


Baptism - Activation of the Soul, working with the frequency of Mary Magdalene and the transformative quality of fire.


Rise - Clarity of Vision, channeling the frequencies of Goddess Isis with the element of air.


Release - Letting Go of Density, releasing stored density with the support of Mother Mary and the navigation of healing waters.



3x Pre-Recorder Ceremonies (2 hours each in length)

3x Altar Adornment Kits

3x Curated Playlists


(Upon stepping into this self-guided course there will be a download link. This will give you access to the zip folder containing all of the material. We recommend downloading this onto your prefered device, laptop or desktop works best for downloading content.)

I AM: the trilogy

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